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Global Miami Plan Writing Committee

The Global Miami Plan (GMP) Writing Committee receives Advanced Writing applications and makes recommendations for approval or revision. The Committee meets approximately twice per month.

The GMP Writing Committee also provides support and feedback for departments that would like to submit a course for approval. You are welcome to schedule an appointment by contacting Dr. Elizabeth Wardle (, the committee chair and Director of the Howe Center for Writing Excellence.

Fall 2017 Meetings

  • September 8, 3-4pm
  • October 20, 3-4pm
  • November 10, 3-4pm
  • December 1, 3-4pm

Committee Membership

The GMP Writing Committee is also the Local Advisory Committee for the Howe Center for Writing Excellence and includes the following members:

  • Hakam Alomari, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Wietse de Boer, Chair and Professor, History
  • Annie Dell'Aria, Assistant Professor, Art History
  • Michael Todd Edwards, Professor, Teacher Education, Mathematical & Physical Science
  • Joyce Fernandes, Professor, Biology
  • Nate Floyd, Academic Resident Librarian
  • Janice Kinghorn, Senior Lecturer, Economics
  • Jason Palmeri, Director of Composition and Associate Professor, English
  • Lori Parks, Visiting Assistant Professor, Humanities & Creative Arts
  • Charlie Stevens, Senior Lecturer, Global and Intercultural Studies (International Studies)
  • John Tassoni, Professor, Languages, Literatures, & Writing (Miami Regional Campus)
  • Elizabeth Wardle (Committee Chair), Director, Howe Center for Writing Excellence; Howe Professor, English