Required Appointments

If you’d like to require all students in your course to schedule a writing center appointment for a particular assignment, you can fill out the request form below.

Planning and setting expectations are key to providing a positive experience for your students. We provide some tips below to help your students get the most from their consultations.

Let Students Know What Happens in a Consultation

Because our writing consultants focus on the needs of the individual student and the writing, no two consultations are alike. However, consultations do follow a similar pattern. Together, in a 45-minute session, the consultant and student will do the following:

  • discuss the assignment and the student’s goals
  • make a plan for those goals
  • discuss the writing and address the items identified in the plan
  • make revisions (student only)
  • draft a reflective report of what occurred and the student’s next steps, which the consultant emails to the student. You can ask the student to forward this report to you.

Note that, while HWC consultants are trained to offer some assistance with grammar, they do not proofread or “fix” every grammar mistake. Instead, consultants will help the student learn to identify one or two types of errors and ways to correct them. Please understand that consultations focus on learning and not a quick fix, so the paper may still have errors or other issues after the session.

Explain Your Expectations for Receiving Credit

Consultations are highly collaborative, and students are expected to engage and learn from their time with the consultant. Students who come to the HWC merely for course credit rather than a desire to improve their writing will receive little benefit, and they are taking an appointment time away from other students who could use that time to their advantage.

For your students to get the most benefit from their consultations, we ask that you explain the importance of revision and provide criteria for receiving credit so that students come ready to actively engage in the process. For example, you could do any of the following:

  • state that you’ll read the session’s reflective email to ensure the student engaged collaboratively
  • ask students to turn in their consultation draft and their final paper with changes highlighted
  • require students to hand in a writer’s note with their final paper in which they tell you about the consultation, what they learned, and how they revised their paper as a result

Remind Students to Schedule Early

Our appointment times can fill up quickly, especially at mid-term and the end of the semester. Please ask your students to schedule appointments early in the process—we can work with students at any stage of their writing, from coming up with ideas to revising to final polishing. We may not have the capacity to ensure all students have a consultation, especially those who wait until the last minute to schedule, so please make clear to students it is their responsibility to secure an appointment before the paper is due. To save headaches later, we highly recommend taking five minutes in class to allow students to schedule appointments well before the deadline. 

Request Required Appointments

You can begin the request process by filling out our Required Appointments form below, allowing at least 4 weeks before the assignment is due. The HWC Manager, Kate Francis, will contact you to discuss the assignment, due date, class size, your goals for the required consultations, and our capacity to handle your request. Please understand that we may be unable to accommodate your request depending on class size or time of the semester.

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