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Teaching Materials

The Howe Writing Across the Curriculum Programs offer an array of materials to support faculty from all disciplines as they include writing in their courses. Writing in classes goes well beyond the traditional “term paper.” In fact, by including regular low-stakes and scaffolded writing opportunities in a course, you can enhance students’ learning of course content, help them practice disciplinary writing conventions, and refine their ideas as they work on composing a higher stakes writing project over the course of several weeks.

We are currently in the process of creating full course materials, including sample writing assignments, handouts, PowerPoints, and lesson plans for teaching topics such as peer response, revision, citation formats, and editing. In the meantime, please explore our bank of student handouts on a variety of topics and point your students to our page of links for online writing advice from other institutions. We also provide short, low-stakes writing-to-learn activities you can include in your class to enhance content learning, as well as a list of writing ideas (beyond that “term paper”) for various disciplines.