Faculty sit at tables participating in a workshop

Our workshops can help you better use writing in your courses to teach content and disciplinary values. Some of our workshops follow a traditional format of brief presentations with hands-on activities, while others follow a roundtable format on a particular topic with your peers leading the discussion.

All of our workshops are relaxed and provide ample opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with HWAC staff and cross-disciplinary colleagues.

All workshops include a light lunch and are held in King 133 unless noted.

Fall 2019 Workshops

Understanding and Supporting Writers' Processes

Every writer's history, identity, and process is unique, and these factors impact a writer's attitude toward writing. This workshop will help faculty members and GTAs understand their own writing processes and experiences and then ask them to consider how they might draw on what they have learned to better support their student writers. Lunch provided.

  • Wednesday, Sept. 4, 11:40 AM–1:00PM
  • Thursday, Sept. 5, 11:40 AM–1:00PM


Using Writing in Large Classes

Research shows that writing is an effective learning tool, but instructors of large courses often think assigning writing is not feasible because of the paper load. However, students can learn content and practice disciplinary writing through low-stakes and writing-to-learn assignments that don’t always require faculty response. In this Effective Practices Lunch, guest faculty will discuss their strategies for including writing in large classes. Attendees will then engage in an open conversation about ways to include writing activities in their own courses. Lunch provided.

  • Thursday, September 12, 11:40AM–1:00PM


Celebrating Faculty Writers Series

Guest faculty will discuss a recent publication and share their writing processes and strategies for completing it. Attendees will then engage in an open conversation about how to get their own writing done and how to help students write effectively. Participants are welcome to attend one or all three of the lunches. Lunch provided.

Bonus: Attendees receive a copy of Christine E. How Writing Faculty Write

  • Thursday, September 19, 11:40AM–1:00PM
  • Wednesday, October 16, 11:40AM–1:00PM
  • Wednesday, November 6, 11:40AM–1:00PM


Working with Graduate Student Writers Series

When students advance from undergraduate to graduate programs, they experience a shift in the kinds of writing they encounter as well as in expectations for their writing. In this workshop series, we invite graduate faculty to explore and expand the ways they support graduate student writers. Topics in this workshop series might include providing feedback, explaining requirements of assigned genres, and teaching disciplinary writing conventions. Participants are encouraged to attend all three events in this series, although this is not required. Lunch provided.

  • Wednesday series:
    • October 2, 11:40AM–1:00PM
    • October 30, 11:40AM–1:00PM
    • November 20, 11:40AM–1:00PM
  • Thursday series:
    • October 3, 11:40AM–1:00PM
    • October 31, 11:40AM–1:00PM
    • November 21, 11:40AM–1:00PM


Providing Audio and Video Comments on Student Work

Research shows that recording feedback on student writing (either voice only or voice and screen capture) can save time over writing comments down. At the same time, students think it’s more personal and that faculty gave more attention to their writing. In this hands-on workshop, faculty who have used Screencast-o-matic or Canvas to record feedback will share their experiences, and then attendees will try it for themselves. Lunch provided

  • Thursday, October 24, 11:40AM–1:00PM