Computer keyboard. Text: All students welcome to schedule online appointments. Video chat in Google Hangouts. Share your writing in Google Docs. Learn More.

Live Online Appointments

Button. Text: Make an appointmentAll students and alumni are welcome to schedule live online appointments. You and your consultant will do the following:

  1. Meet in Google Hangouts and talk through video, audio, and/or text-chat.
  2. Discuss the technology and address any technological difficulties.
  3. Discuss your assignment and goals for the appointment.
  4. Plan an agenda based on your writing concerns at this stage.
  5. Talk about your project and read through your writing in Google Docs.
  6. Discuss ways you can revise and tips for your current and future writing.


You have two ways to schedule appointments with us.

  1. Schedule one-time appointments
  2. Request a recurring appointment for 4 or more weeks

You can inform us of any learning/technology accommodations or needs when you schedule. If you cannot access Google technologies, we can work with you on Skype, over the phone, or through any other technology you prefer. We also offer on-campus appointments and written online appointments that provide written and audio feedback.

Google Hangouts and Google Docs

All Miami University students have access to Google Hangouts and Google Docs through their Miami email account ( On the day of your appointment, you will receive a Google Invitation via email, which will include a link to enter the video call at the time of your appointment.

If your browser is Google Chrome, you will not need to download any plug-ins for the video call. However, if you are using another browser, you will need to download the Google Hangouts plug-in, which we suggest doing ahead of time. After connecting with your consultant, you will use Google Docs to share your writing. You can either share your own Google Doc or your consultant can create one for you.

If you cannot be on a computer, Google Hangouts and Google Docs can be downloaded as apps on mobile devices, such as tablets and phones. Google Hangouts on a mobile device can be used to conduct your entire appointment with video or audio only.

Preparation for Your Appointment

You should come to your appointment with some ideas about what you'd like to work on within a 45-minute time frame. To best assist you and your writing, we ask that you have the following available during your appointment (if applicable):

  • The assignment sheet, writing prompt, and/or course syllabus
  • Any writing you’ve already done, including notes, outlines, or early drafts
  • Relevant books, articles, or other resources you’re using
  • Any feedback you’ve already received

Please be signed in to your Miami email account at least 10 minutes before your appointment in Eastern Time. You should enter the Google Hangouts video call at least 5 minutes before your appointment time and wait for your consultant.

Technology Issues

Technology issues do happen and should be expected in live online appointments.

  • If you can’t connect to Google Hangouts before your appointment, email, and your consultant will assist you.
  • If you lose video or audio during your appointment, use the chat box in Google Docs to communicate with your consultant about further technology options.