Dr. Elizabeth Wardle

Dr. Elizabeth Wardle, Director, HCWE

Elizabeth Wardle supports faculty through the Howe Writing Across the Curriculum Programs. She joined Miami in July 2016 as the Howe Professor in the Department of English and the Director of the Howe Center for Writing Excellence. She previously served as chair of the Department of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida (UCF) (2012-16), director of writing programs at UCF (2008-2012), and director of writing programs at the University of Dayton (2006-2008). Her administrative experiences have fed her ongoing interest in how students learn and how they transfer what they learn in new settings. At UCF, she won teaching and SoTL awards, and led the first-year composition program to a CCCC Certificate of Excellence. She speaks frequently around the country on writing program design, ways to teach to encourage transfer, and ways to identify and engage students in the threshold concepts of various disciplines.

Dr. Elizabeth Hutton

Dr. Lizzie Hutton, Director, Howe Writing Center

Lizzie Hutton joined the HCWE and English department in July 2018. She received her PhD from the University of Michigan’s Joint Program in English and Education, and her MFA from the University of Michigan’s Program in Creative Writing (poetry). Her interest in writing center work developed through her long-time positions as both faculty and research assistant at the University of Michigan’s Sweetland Center for Writing. As Director of the Howe Writing Center, she trains and mentors writing consultants and oversees writing center programming and research. This work is fed by her continuing inquiries into college students’ diverse reading and writing practices, their transfer of literacy knowledge across tasks and contexts, and the most effective means for enabling peer support and critically engaged knowledge-building.

Dr. Ann Updike

Dr. Ann Updike, Associate Director, HCWE

Ann Updike supports faculty and graduate students through the Howe Writing Across the Curriculum Programs. She has served as the Associate Director of the Howe Center for Writing Excellence since Fall 2013. She earned her doctorate in English at Miami University with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition. Her scholarly interests include writing-across-the-curriculum, visual and material rhetorics, American cultural rhetorics, and American Indian studies. She returned to graduate school in 2002 after working in corporate consulting and technical writing. She coordinates in-class workshops, the HWC Assignment Review service, faculty consulting, and other faculty outreach and events.

Kate Francis

Kate Francis, Manager, Howe Writing Center

Kate Francis has been the manager of the Howe Writing Center since its opening in 2007. With the help of HWC graduate assistants and hourly graduate student employees, she develops and administers ongoing training initiatives for HWC consultants (mentoring, weekly workshops, research, and conference presentations). In addition to working with consultants, she oversees the welcome staff, the marketing team interns, and the graphic designers. She facilitates the daily operations of all HWC locations.

Loretta Parker

Loretta Parker, Administrative Assistant, HCWE

Loretta Parker has been at Miami University for 18 years, working in Accounts Payable and the English Department before heading to the Howe Center for Writing Excellence. She is the financial contact for the HCWE department and handles budget transfers for contest prizes, student payments, and grants for students, faculty, and departments. She also coordinates student-centered events, graduate and faculty boot camps, and national and local board meetings.

Angela Glotfelter

Angela Glotfelter, Graduate Assistant Director, Howe Writing Across the Curriculum Programs

Angela Glotfelter is a second-year PhD student in Composition and Rhetoric. Her research interests lie in Professional Writing, including topics like social media, algorithms, and community-based research. In the HCWE, Angela assists with Writing Across the Curriculum initiatives.

Caitlin Martin

Caitlin Martin, Graduate Assistant Director, Howe Writing Across the Curriculum Programs

Caitlin Martin is a doctoral student in composition and rhetoric. Her research interests include the role of transfer and threshold concept frameworks in faculty development, writing across the curriculum/writing in the disciplines, and writing assessment. She also serves as graduate assistant director in the Howe Center for Business Writing. At the HCWE, Caitlin assists with Writing Across the Curriculum Initiatives.

Ryan Vingum

Ryan Vingum, Graduate Assistant Director, Howe Writing Center

Ryan Vingum is a second-year PhD student in Composition and Rhetoric. His research interests are in writing program administration, online writing instruction, and professional communication. He completed his master’s at Miami, where he focused on consultant learning in online writing center training. Previously, he worked for the Howe Writing Initiative in Farmer, working with consultant training and mentoring and faculty consulting. At the HWC, Ryan is involved with leading seminars/ongoing consultant training, mentoring, and researching and assessing consultant training and transfer.

Luke Shackelford

Luke Shackelford, Graduate Assistant Director, Howe Writing Center

Luke Shackelford is a first-year masters student in the Philosophy department. His primary interests include philosophy of language, feminist epistemology, and writing center training pedagogy. Luke has worked as an undergraduate consultant for three years at the HCWE, engaged in research, consulting, and training. Currently at the HCWE, he assists in online training and research, as well as coordinates the HCWE Writing Associates Initiative.

Brenda Tyrrell

Brenda Tyrrell, Graduate Assistant Director, Howe Writing Center

Brenda Tyrrell is a second-year PhD student in literature. Her primary interests in literature are intersectionality, with a focus on disability studies in science fiction. For her MA thesis, she researched H.G. Wells and disability in his earlier works. She teaches first-year and advanced composition classes, as well as disability and/in literature classes. At the Howe Writing Center, Brenda researches accessibility in writing centers.