A healthy salad bar.


Miami University’s Dining Services strives to help our students, faculty, and staff understand the impact of food choices on health, the environment, and our local community. We aim to cultivate a culture of responsibility by engaging in a sustainable food system. We achieve this by purchasing locally, reducing our waste, and giving back to our local community.

Local Food

Miami is fortunate to call the small town of Oxford home. We are surrounded by family farms and because of this we are able to enjoy fresh local food and local products everyday. We continuously try new recipes with local food and in 2009 we placed 3rd in the Best Local Foods Contest. Learn more


Serving over 15,000 undergraduate students, Miami University’s Dining Services understands that as a large operation, our choices affect the world we live in. We do our best to make decisions that benefit our students and the environment. We reduce waste by using biodegradable packaging and participating in composting efforts. Learn more

Giving Back

We are proud to consider ourselves a part of the local community. For that reason and many more, we do our best to supply nutrition resources to those that need them most.

Dining Services partners with two local food banks to distribute nutritious food to those in need. In addition, all products used in bid testing are donated to these same operations.

We continue to support the Pledge-A-Meal Program. This program allows students to donate a small amount of their meal plan funds to local charities. This simple act by students can changes the lives of our community members that are in need.