Event Space Features

Lobby Features

  • Reconfigured front desk with a welcoming central space to manage the hub of activity for the entire building
  • Continental breakfast - Local seasonal fruits, house baked pastries and muffins, and a healthy selection of cereals and oatmeal
  • Central break area for conference groups
  • Space designed to offer comfort to the conferee
  • Lobby bar

Room Features

Rooms 180-184-186

  • Our largest combined space is perfect for large meetings, lectures, banquets and receptions.
  • Highly functional for a variety of uses
  • Three spaces are created with portable walls for small breakouts
  • Ceiling mounted projectors and screens available in each divided space

Rooms 158 – 154

  • Updated wall coverings, ceiling mounted projectors and screens for large event space usage
  • Two spaces are created with a portable wall for smaller events
  • Highly functional space for social events and meetings

Room 124/126

When Marcum was built, two spaces were to be specifically dedicated to one educator and to one military representative: Robert Sinclair, a Miami graduate and professor of 30+ years; and General Hull, a 1917 Miami alum involved in three wars are honored.

  • Medals, awards, honors, and memorabilia are on display from ceiling to floor
  • Perfect for small intimate dinners or closed interviews

Room 112

  • Mixture of soft furniture and moveable tables and chairs, bar, sound system and large TV provide casual setting for pre and post dinner receptions and small dinners.
  • Can be reserved for private events and is used for many of The Marcum promotional events.

Room 108/110

  • A flat surfaced conference room divisible into two spaces with a portable wall provides great flexibility and function. Large windows, ceiling mounted projectors and screens and ample open space make it flexible for social or meeting events.

The Courtyard

  • Gazebo

    Can accommodate events from grill outs to weddings
  • Year-round furniture for additional event space
  • Connects to the Pulley Gazebo