Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges utilize the power of friendly completion to spark new healthy habits. Challenge yourself or your co-workers to track their healthy eating, physical activity, hydration status, or more. New habits are formed, bragging rights gained, and healthy prizes won.

Join the wellness team in a variety of challenges throughout the year. View the HR Events calendar for more details.

Le Tour de Fitness Challenge What is Le Tour de Fitness?

A 3-week challenge using your physical activity minutes following the Le Tour de France race encouraging you to participate with a team to get moving more and race to the finish line. We’ll strive for 150 minutes per week of exercise and any type of physical activity counts!

When will this take place?

Challenge will start Monday 7/9 til Sunday 7/29. Giving you the chance to catch up and enter all your tracking through Monday 7/30.

Where do I have to be?

You can be a part of this challenge from anywhere. You do not have to be on campus in order to participate. You just have to track your physical activity minutes and you can do that anywhere using a computer or smartphone. 


Anyone can sign up and join a team. A team can consist of 1 person up to 9 people. Every team is eligible to win no matter how many members are on a team. We will be averaging the teams total minutes divided by the number of team members when choosing winners at the end of the challenge. Every team will have a chance to be a winner! 

How do I track?

You can track your physical activity minutes in your Healthy Miami account by one of the following (paper logs available for those without Healthy Miami accounts):

  • Log into your account or click on “Register New Account” if first time
  • Click on “Log Minutes” on the dashboard under the “Challenges” box and enter in relevant information
  • Click on “Exercise” on the menu bar, click on “My Cardio Log,” and enter in relevant information
  • Download the Healthy Now app and enter in your information (**this step requires activation prior to first use). To download the Healthy Now app, please log into your Healthy Miami account first and click on the “Healthy Miami Mobile App” widget on the dashboard and follow instructions on following page.

Healthy Miami Mobile App

  • Using a FitBit, Garmin Move, or Apple Watch? You are able to sync your device with your Healthy Miami account by selecting the “Connect a Device” widget on the dashboard and follow instructions on the following page.
Connect a Device

What is Physical Activity?

Every minute counts for physical activity; whether you’re in the garden, cleaning the house, chasing after little ones, or even taking three to four 10-minute walks every day. Another perk to this challenge is to find out what type of physical activity it is that gets you up and moving. When you log your physical activity in Healthy Miami, you will find a nice wide variety of ways to get your minutes. Physical activity does not require being in a gym or fitness center, but if you're interested in getting more exercise, please visit our Fitness 4 Life website for more information on our fitness center hours and group fitness classes.

Prizes and Jersey Winners

As mentioned above under “Teams,” all teams are eligible to be a winner, whether a team has 1 person or 9 people.