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Tax Information

Miami University's Payroll Services team is dedicated to providing prompt and accurate service to employees with integrity and accounting accuracy. This is done based on compliance with state and federal tax regulations, along with University policies. Here you will find information on that reporting, including your annual W-2 and 1095-C forms. To ensure accuracy of these forms, please review the section on the W-4 form which determines Federal, State, and Local tax withholding.

IRS Forms

1095-C (Healthcare Coverage)

This form provides tax information and documentation of health insurance coverage for a calendar year. It is available in BannerWeb at the same time as your W-2. See Form 1095-C FAQs.

1099-SA (HSA Distributions)

Banks are required to report information about HSA distributions to the IRS by filing IRS Form 1099-SA, providing a copy to HSA account holders by January 31. This form is for informational purposes only. It shows distributions made for the previous tax year, including mistaken distributions. If you have any questions, contact Chard-Snyder at 800-982-7715 or log into your Chard Snyder online account.

W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement)

This form details your annual wages and the amount of taxes Miami has withheld for the previous year. It is available electronically in BannerWeb each January. To view the form and/or opt to receive a paper W-2, log into BannerWeb and selecting the following options:

  1. Employee Services Online
  2. Tax Forms
  3. Electronic W2 and 1095-C Consent

If you want to receive a paper copy of your W-2 instead of an electronic one, make sure that the "My Choice" box is unchecked and submit. (The electronic W-2 box is automatically checked for unclassified, SATSS, and FOP staff.) Confirmation will not be immediate, but you will receive confirmation via email.

W-4 and State Income Tax Withholding

All new employees must complete both federal and state income tax withholding forms so Miami can withhold the correct income taxes from your pay. We recommend that you consider completing a new Form W-4 when your personal or financial situation changes (e.g., address or family status change).

You can complete both the federal and the state W-4 withholding forms (for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana residents) in BannerWeb, under "Employee Services Online." 

Instructions for the federal W-4 Form are available from the IRS. See Forms and Publications.

We recommend reviewing the appropriate instructions for your state's form.

If you live elsewhere, you must complete the appropriate forms in the Payroll Services office (Roudebush Hall, room 2).

Medicare Tax and Social Security

If a Miami employee retires or becomes disabled, the employee may receive a pension based on earnings from their job at Miami. If an employee does receive a pension and is entitled to a benefit from Social Security based on either their own work or the work of their spouse (or a former spouse), the pension through the job at Miami may affect the amount of the Social Security benefit received. This is part of the windfall elimination and government pension offset provisions (see Retirement for more information about provisions). The employee’s Medicare benefits, however, will not be affected.

The United States Congress passed legislation to extend the Medicare health care insurance program to all employees not covered by Social Security who are employed on or after April 1, 1986. Since employees of Miami University are not covered by Social Security, all new employees hired on or after April 1, 1986, must pay a Medicare tax equal to 1.45% of their gross salary, and Miami University must make a matching contribution.

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