Job Enrichment Program

The Miami University Job Enrichment Program (JEP), along with services and resources provided, is designed to encourage classified (hourly) staff to develop their strengths and talents in relation to specific career opportunities at the University. This program supports the goals outlined in the 2020 Plan. Staff are encouraged to develop their talents in ways that link to specific career opportunities that are meaningful and satisfying while fulfilling the mission and needs of the University.

The JEP offers a range of opportunities for classified staff to advance in job knowledge and skill level. Key benefits of the program include:

  • Recognizes and rewards growth in job expertise
  • Fosters continued quality service to the University community by providing learning opportunities for highly motivated staff
  • Helps staff members assume responsibility for planning and managing their career for professional development and job satisfaction
  • Curriculum-based program comprised of approved courses unique for each HR functional job title that provide career growth opportunities
  • Expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the position
  • New, or more advanced skills or knowledge, beyond the skills or knowledge reasonably expected for the staff member's current position


For questions about the JEP and your track (e.g., Administrative, Maintenance, or Service), contact the appropriate HR staff:

  • Brenda Curry Administrative and Maintenance: 513-529-2252: 126 Staff Development Center
  • Rachael Rude Administrative: 513-529-6409: 125 Staff Development Center
  • Kristin Taylor Maintenance: 513-529-1603: 125 Staff Development Center
  • Jennifer Williams Service: 513-529-0949: 124 Staff Development Center