Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities provide participants a list of courses that have been approved for Job Enrichment credit. Search the job family categories below and select the category that contains your specific HR functional job title. Click on any of the learning opportunities for additional information and specific course titles/topics.

Our participation guidelines provide details about each of the learning opportunities including information about how to access the course as well as the Job Enrichment Course Approval Point Request Form (PDF 217KB) required to receive Job Enrichment credit.

Registration is required for some learning opportunities and can be accessed through TRAIN.

Skillport notice: The SkillPort Library is under construction. If you are currently taking a course or reviewing courses to complete, contact your Job Enrichment Administrator for approval. Effective October 31, all courses will be updated. This could result in a course you are taking to be removed. Please have all courses completed by October 31. Any courses that are removed, will not be able to be accessed after October 31.

New Learning Opportunity - Universal Class. Universal Class is an online learning program offered through local public libraries that provides a diverse offering of intellectually stimulating courses for people interested in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Please call your Job Enrichment Administrator for details.