Supplies Assistant

HR-Functional Job Title

Supplies Assistant


Performance Evaluation: Current, satisfactory (annually)

Approved Learning Opportunities

Academic Courses

Our list of academic courses is approved for all job enrichment participants in any curriculum. If you complete similar courses, of similar title, at other institutions, we can review them for possible approval.

Below you can find additional, curriculum-specific academic courses that we have approved.

Additional Courses

KNH 101: Introduction to Food Science (HDRBS only): 24 points
KNH 102: Fundamentals of Nutrition (HDRBS only): 24 points
KNH 201: Meal Management (HDRBS only): 24 points
KNH 305: Introduction to Food Systems Management (HDRBS only): 24 points
KNH 307: Food Systems Operations (HDRBS only): 24 points

American Management Association Self-Study Courses

A Manager's Guide to Human Behavior: 20 points
Asserting Yourself at Work: 10 points
Becoming a Manager: 10 points
Coaching for High Performance: 10 points
Communication Skills for Managers: 20 points
Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service: 20 points
First Line Supervision: 20 points
Getting Assertive: 20 points
How to Manage Conflict in the Organization: 20 points
How to Manage Training: 20 points
How to Manage Your Priorities: 10 points
How to Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills: 20 points
Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace: 10 points
Interpersonal Negotiations: 20 points
Leadership Skills for Managers: 20 points
Listen and Be Listened To: 10 points
Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals: 10 points
Planning and Leading Productive Meetings: 20 points
Planning and Managing Change: 20 points
Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace: 10 points
Presentation Success: 10 points
Successful Project Management: 20 points
Taking Control with Time Management: 10 points

Association of International Bakers (HDRBS only)

Food Safety for Warehousing and Distribution: 120 points

CE Direct (HDRBS only)

Accountability in the Food Service Department (RD62): 12 points
Celiac Disease Demands a Lifelong Gluten-Free Diet (RD386-60): 1 point
Cultural Competency (RD05): 3 points
Enhancing Productivity in Foodservice (RD79): 6 points
Evolution of Foodservice (RD143): 1 point
Food Gone Bad (CE459): 1 point
Food Purchasing (RD84): 5 points
Food Safety and Protection (RD81): 6 points
Foodservice Cost Containment (RD82): 6 points
Foodservice Productivity (RD83): 5 points
Gluten-Free Labeling (RD60206): 1.5 points
Implementing HACCP (RD92): 6 points
Keep It Clean Hand Hygiene (RD568): 1 point
New Norovirus Strain Spreads Across U.S. (RD453): 1 point
Pediatric Food Allergies (RD164): 1 point
Selecting Food Service Equipment (RD125): 6 points
Sustainability, Nutrition, and Health (RD53): 4 points
The Future of Foods (RD157): 9 points
Understanding and Preventing Foodborne Illness (RD19): 2 points

Custodial Management Institute (HDRBS only)

Custodial Technician Training Handbook Basic: 125 points
Custodial Technician Training Handbook Advanced: 125 points

Educational Institute (HDRBS only)

Managing Housekeeping Operations: 24 points

Individual Development Workshops

Classified staff may complete any of the following workshops for job enrichment points:

Presentation Skills: 7 points
Microsoft Excel 2013 Basic: 6 points
Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate: 6 points
Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced: 6 points
Microsoft Access 2013: 6 points

Non-Academic, University-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

The non-academic, university-sponsored learning opportunities can change from year to year. As a result, the points you can earn from completing them varies. Please contact your Job Enrichment Administrator for the points awarded for each of the following.

Confucius Institute Training: Conversational Chinese Class I
Confucius Institute Training: Conversational Chinese Class II
Confucius Institute Training: Basic Chinese Culture
Confucius Institute Training: Understanding MU Chinese Students
Disability Awareness Training
Green Zone Training
Mental Health First Aid
M.I.A.M.I. Women in Leadership Symposium
Safe Zone Training
SATSS Annual Conference


Skillport offers extensive online learning opportunities, sponsored by Human Resources Staff Development.

TPC Courses

109 Industrial Safety and Health: 18 points
201 Basic Electricity and Electronics (HDRBS only): 15 points
367 Plumbing Systems Maintenance (HDRBS only): 15 points
376 Energy Conservation Basics (HDRBS only): 8 points
377 Energy Losses in Buildings (HDRBS only): 8 points
378 Heating/Cooling System Efficiency (HDRBS only): 8 points
380 Electrical Energy Conservation (HDRBS only): 8 points
431 The Refrigeration Cycle (HDRBS only): 8 points
452 Floor and Floor Care Equipment (HDRBS only): 8 points
454 Restroom Care (HDRBS only): 8 points
901 Maintenance Organization: 11 points
903 Implementing Preventative Maintenance (HDRBS only): 8 points
905 Communication Skills for Supervisors: 11 points