IT Acronym List

A list of commonly used technology acronyms and definitions.

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IT Acronyms
Acronym Full Form Comments
AD Active Directory Microsoft
BSoD Blue Screen of Death
CAB Change Advisory Board
DBA Database Administrator
DC Domain Controller In a Microsoft domain
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DNS Domain Name System
IA Institutional Analytics The use of reports, data warehouses, data dashboards, analysis, and other information products to make timely data-driven decisions across all departments and divisions.
IPA Intrusion Prevention Appliance
IPS Intrusion Prevention System
IT Information Technology
KB Knowledge Base
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LT Leadership Team Unit leaders within IT Services
MBP MacBook Pro
MCIS Miami Information and Computing Services Former name for what is currently IT Services
MCS Miami Computing Services An additional abbreviation for MCIS
MNB Miami Notebook A program through the Miami Bookstore that sells laptop computers to students
MUTV Miami University Television
MWB Malware-Bytes
OBIEE Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition System used by Institutional Analytics to store data and provide dashboards for analyzing data
PGP Pretty Good Privacy A commercial product used to provide encryption for laptop computers owned by the University
RCM Responsibility Center Management
SLA Service Level Agreement
STAC Student Technology Advisory Committee
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol Phone services