IT Services Communications

Ramping up communications within IT Services and across the University is a critical initiative. Given the Miami-wide focus of the IT Services initiatives, clear and consistent communication will be key to success. Along with developing communication strategies to support the various initiatives, our own IT web presence update will be a focus.

9/22/2017 Update

The project to create a new IT Services website has been closed. As the website is always a work in progress, labors to improve the site are on-going.

8/4/2017 Weekly Update

Continuing to work on the following areas for the IT Services website:

  • Featured Service widget
  • Top 5 IT Initiatives widget
  • Update Job Postings
  • Staff pages
    • Added printable org chart to Staff page
  • Updated Top 5 Initiative pages
  • Added Tech Fee Final Report page

5/1/2017 Weekly Update

Nearly 50 applications have been received for the digital content specialist position and resumes are being reviewed to create a "long" short list of 25. That list should be narrowed down to 10 or fewer by the end of the week.

4/24/2017 Weekly Update

With the launch of the new website complete, the project now settles down into a more staid pace. We will work out the next phases of the IT website and do some user testing. We have an agreement from UCM that we will work together to begin to eliminate Miami sites built in Drupal. Of the 55 Drupal sites that have been identified, six are “owned” by IT. We will evaluate each and decide on the best course of action.

The launch of the site was announced in the IT Services newsletter, Tech Talk, last week. We have already seen a small bump in email to the ITAdvocate email account. That account had not been promoted recently and it is clear that the messages are the result of including that contact in the site footer.