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Technology knowledge has never been easier to find.
Read&Write Offers More Than Just Text to Speech
Read&Write is a literacy software that provides an easy-to-use toolbar that makes documents, files and web pages more accessible. This program is available for free to all Miami students, faculty, and staff.
MInE Decommissioning: General Announcement #2
Friendly reminder: MInE (Miami Information Environment) will be retired this May.
Forging relationships with the University: Brad Grimm takes the reins
Communication and partnership are two of Brad Grimm's goals for the FBS/IT Services relationship.
Breaking down barriers: Agile and Scrum at Miami University
Agile/Scrum methodologies were devised by software creators as a response to the need for a more iterative, flexible development process.
Google offers new Drive applications for PC/Mac
Google launched two new applications for working with Google Drive files late in 2017. Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync are set to replace the current Google Drive for PC/Mac in May 2018.
Refresher: Data privacy at Miami University
University faculty and staff can avoid becoming another statistic and keep their data safe.
Two-Factor and your tax forms
Another year has come and gone, and believe it or not, it is tax season once again. That means it may be time for a refresher course on Two-Factor Authentication.
Update: Digital transformation across campus
Technology is transforming how students learn - and how we support them.