Miami Plan Pre-Fall 2010

Students admitted to Miami University prior to Fall 2010 may continue to follow the Miami Plan for Liberal Education (listed below). Students admitted to Miami University Fall 2010 and after will follow the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education. All students must complete liberal education requirements as well as courses in the major. The Miami Plan has three parts: Foundation Courses, a Thematic Sequence, and a Capstone Course.

The Foundation (MPF) requirement is met by taking a minimum of 36 semester hours of Foundation courses across five specific areas. Click on an area heading to see a list of courses that satisfy the specific requirerment:

I. English Composition (6 hours minimum)

II. Fine Arts, Humanities, Social Science (12 hours)

A. Fine Arts (3 hours minimum)

B. Humanities (3 hours minimum)

C. Social Science (3 hours minimum)

III. Cultures (6 hours)

A. United States Cultures (3 hours minimum)

B. World Cultures (3 hours minimum)

IV. Natural Science (9 hours, must include one laboratory course)

A. Biological Science (3 hours minimum)

B. Physical Science (3 hours minimum)

V. Mathematics, Formal Reasoning, Technology (3 hours)

Additionally, to complete the Foundation area requirements, students must complete the following:

Historical (H) requirement - All students must take at least one Foundation course that presents a historical perspective (H). Students satisfy this requirement by taking an appropriately designated course in any Foundation area. The same course may meet both a Foundation area requirement and the historical perspective requirement.

The Thematic Sequence (MPT) requirement is met by completing three related courses (usually nine hours) in an approved Thematic Sequence outside the student's department of major.

The Capstone Course (MPC) requirement is met by completing three hours in an approved Capstone course during a student's senior year.