Will Haygood Tigerland Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

Miami welcomes new students to its engaged community of learners through the Summer Reading Program. In this important tradition, now 37 years old, we underline those activities we value most as a community: critical engagement with ideas; close interaction among faculty, staff, and students; and reading, listening, reflecting, talking, and learning as characteristics of active, responsible citizenship. As your introduction to the types of dialogues in which you will engage with other learners at Miami, the Summer Reading Program asks all new students to engage with a text during the summer and to return to campus in August prepared to discuss it with fellow students and others in breakout sessions.

Participation in the Summer Reading Program is your first assignment as a university student. Your willingness to take the assignment seriously and to participate actively in group discussions in August may have important influences on your subsequent achievements as a Miami student.

2018 Summer Reading and Convocation Special Announcement

Dear Miami Community,

This year we have an amazing opportunity to engage with multiple texts and share in the early release of Miami alum and award winning author, Wil Haygood's ('76) 8th book, Tigerland: 1968-1969: A City Divided, A Nation Torn Apart, and a Magical Season of Healing. Wil Haygood, will personally autograph each copy (more than 5000) so that every student receives a signed book previous to Convocation.  After Convocation, Miami students will engage with several texts and multimedia resources which share the themes of civil rights and social justice found in Tigerland from the list below.

Tigerland is is an inspiring story of two teams from a segregated high school in Ohio who in the midst of the racial turbulence of 1968-1969 won the state basketball and baseball championships in the same year.  Following the assassinations that year of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, race relations in the U.S. were frayed. But in Columbus, Ohio, the Tigers of East High School stayed focused, defeating teams from better-resourced schools across the state. The Tigers’ pair of championships was an unprecedented feat in Class AA Ohio athletic history.

Readings for the Summer

Each new student will receive a copy of Tigerland when you arrive on campus. During the summer, please review the materials listed below and choose two or three that you find especially interesting. After Convocation, we will gather in small groups and ask each of you to share your thoughts on the readings or other works you chose.



Students will receive a copy of the book when they arrive on campus.

Not a student? Miami alumni and friends are invited to join an online discussion of Tigerland and its themes, led by Miami faculty and staff.

Convocation 2018 will be held on Friday, August 24th. Convocation will be followed by discussion groups.