Weekly Three 11/25/2020
The Weekly Three posting from the Office of Institutional Diversity on November 25, 2020: DEI Implementation Group Updates, A Note of Thanks, and Celebrations and Recognition
Best Practices for Final Exam Proctoring
As we are near the end of the fall semester and final exams approach, we expect there will be high Proctorio usage at Miami as well as across the country. With this in mind, we wanted to provide a few best practices to ensure that Miami students have a smooth exam experience during these high-stress times.
Faculty Bootcamp: Work Out Your Skills
There is a fantastic array of tools and techniques available to add flexibility to your teaching and course design. Using these tools and techniques efficiently and in pedagogically-driven ways requires practice and planning. Our upcoming sessions are a great way to do both.
Miami University's board of trustees to meet
The Miami University investment subcommittee of the board of trustees will meet remotely at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24. The Miami board of trustees will meet during a regular business meeting at 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 30.
Students share gratitude with Middletown Rotarians
Without the generous support of our alumni and the community, financial aid at Miami University Regionals would not be possible.
Senate News, November 23, 2020
Senators continued a discussion on changing the TCPL hiring process. A resolution (below) was then passed. Senate was presented with two new degrees: Master of Medical Science (Physician Associate) and Master of Athletic Training. Both degrees were approved (below) and will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for the February 2021 meeting. Senate formalized posthumous degree guidelines into policy.
FSB team overcomes time crunch, COVID to take 4th in College Fed Challenge
A Farmer School team took on more than 80 teams from across the nation to make the College Fed Challenge finals.
Altman Scholars
Durell and Denise were named Altman Scholars for 2021-2022 to help execute next year's program "Race and Racism: The Problem of Persistence." Congratulations to the both of them.
Update on COVID-19 travel advisory for Ohio| 4:45 p.m.
A message from the Crisis Response Team