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Changes to Code of Student Conduct include alcohol violations


The 2006-2007 Code of Student Conduct includes several notable changes. One change redefines alcohol violations.

All alcohol violations are now Code One violations (Section 105 A and B). What was formally a Code Two alcohol violation is now covered under Section 105 B, Prohibited Use of Alcohol, with the potential penalties the same as for any other Code One violation. The mandatory minimum sanctions remain the same for all alcohol violations.

The rationale behind the change is to emphasize the seriousness of any alcohol violation. According to the committee, which conducted an extensive review process last year, "The tendency by students to look at all Code Two violations as 'lesser' offenses put alcohol in a category it should not be in."

Other changes to the Code of Student Conduct include a change in the appeal procedures. Now, the opportunity for appeal is available only when the most serious of sanctions have been given (Section 501 and 502).

A final notable change involves the retention of disciplinary records, which now makes Miami's policy consistent with that at many other institutions of higher education throughout the country. The new policy states that records of all disciplinary actions resulting in a finding of responsible and with sanctions other than suspension or dismissal will now be retained for at least seven academic years (Section 703 and 704).

For additional information, visit Code of Student Conduct or call the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution at 529-1417.


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