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Stoddard Hall wins grand prize in unplugged contest


Stoddard Hall wins the overall grand prize in the fall 2010 Unplugged, Untapped...Game On! residence hall conservation competition, which took place Nov. 1-19.

The grand prize was awarded to the residence hall that demonstrated the greatest reduction in both electricity and water use on a per student basis over the three-week period. The grand prize includes an all-hall pizza party, aluminum water bottles and the grand champion trophy.

Stoddard had an equivalent of $18.02 of savings per resident on an annualized basis. Second place went to McBride Hall, which achieved annualized savings of $16.51 per resident. Collins Hall finished third with annualized savings of $10.35 per resident.

The overall winner for reduction of electrical use only was Anderson Hall. McKee Hall finished first in the overall reduction of water use.

The goal of the competition, sponsored by the department of housing, dining, recreation and business services (HDRBS), was to have students think about and reduce their use of electricity and water.

“Our hope is that students will sustain their reduction efforts throughout the entire year,” Matt Frericks, HDRBS’ improved energy efficiency committee chair said.

Individuals showed support during the competition by turning off lights and TVs when leaving the room, powering down computers overnight and on weekends, unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use, using washers and dryers only when they had a full load of laundry, turning off water while brushing teeth, and showering in five minutes or less.

Miami’s participation is part of a nationwide contest among colleges and universities. The competition is a partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy, Lucid Design Group, National Wildlife Federation and the Ohio Board of Regents.


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