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Update on current budget initiatives


As a number of initiatives get under way as part of our Strategic Priorities Initiatives for Growth and Success, the university community will be updated on a regular basis about those and other related initiatives so that faculty, staff and students are aware of work being done and changes being made. These will be announced in the e-Report and posted on Miami's Strategic Priorities page. Listed below are three projects that are, or will soon be, under way.

Institutional Excellence and Shared Services (IESS) is an initiative that the Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) has begun to explore the feasibility of shared services among the 14 state universities. The areas being evaluated as possible candidates for shared services include finance, information technology, human resources and procurement. The study will examine the possibility of pieces of these operations being shared by some or all of the universities, as a way to increase efficiency, improve service and/or decrease costs. The study is being conducted by Accenture and the Hackett Group, who will collect and evaluate information and present recommendations to IUC. IUC and individual universities will evaluate which, if any of the recommendations should be implemented. A Miami team has been designated to provide the requested information for this study. This study is currently under way and will be completed in March. We will share the recommendations with you when they are complete.

Evaluation of Miami’s administration and support operations
This is one of the recommendations from the Strategic Priorities Taskforce that the university will be implementing during the next few months. Miami University has signed a contract with Accenture to conduct this evaluation. This project is separate from the work of the IUC described above, and we will work to minimize any duplication of effort between the two projects. We will inform the entire university community about our progress with this as it becomes available.

RFP for Miami University Bookstore
As we explore all options to improve our efficiency, deliver better service and lower our costs, we have issued an RFP to obtain proposals on running the university bookstore. The input we will receive during the RFP process will help us determine the best way to continue to provide the services of the bookstore. At this point, no decision has been made to outsource the operation. We must first explore all viable options. We will keep you informed as decisions are made.


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