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New portal system to replace current myMiami


Get ready for a change to myMiami late this fall. After being delivered via the Blackboard portal product since 2005, myMiami will get a facelift as it moves to the myCampus portal product from CampusEAI.

It will still be myMiami and it will still be your source for reaching Niihka courses, BannerWeb, announcements and lots of other important information and services - but both the behind-the-scenes system and the look will change.

The new myMiami will be available late this semester, and will include a new feature: community sites. Community sites will replace Blackboard’s organization sites. The myMiami project team is currently finalizing the process for migrating content from existing Blackboard organizations to the new community sites. More information about that process, and steps you should take to preserve any files or information in any Blackboard organizations you own or participate in, will be coming soon.

While the new myMiami will offer many of the same functions as the current myMiami, there will be some differences. For example, you will need to log in before you can see any of the information or services. Developers are also working on a “single sign-on” system, so that once you sign in to myMiami, you are automatically signed in to other Miami systems, such as Niihka.

When logging in to the new myMiami, a “Home” page appears for individuals. Please visit the myMiami example for a sneak peek of what the Home page will most likely look like for a student. (Note: You won’t be able to click any of the links yet.) The new myMiami can be directly linked to social networking sites and has a bright new look.

The CampusEAI Consortium, a services and consulting provider focused on helping its members implement enterprise IT solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner, is partnering with Miami in developing this new portal. Since its launch in 2003, CampusEAI has grown with over 250 learning institutions now taking part.


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