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Campus Conservation: Richard Hall wins at Miami


The results are in for Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN), a nationwide competition to see which residence hall can conserve the most water and electricity. This year eight residence halls at Miami (see sidebar) are recognized for reducing both electricity and water consumption during the three-week contest.

"A lot of factors influence energy and water usage," said Yvette Kline, director of sustainability and energy conservation, "but as every utility bill payer knows, individual conservation makes a measurable difference."

Miami’s contest ran Feb. 6-27. Hall residents and managers worked together to promote conservation, and helped measure usage trends relative to a baseline week prior to the competition. Eight halls successfully reduced consumption of both electricity and water.

The contest winner was Richard Hall, with a 5.1 percent reduction in electricity and 5.9 percent reduction in water, totaling an 11 percent resource reduction overall. As their reward, residents of Richard Hall will receive passes for free ice skating at Goggin Ice Center.

Tied for second place with 10.4 percent combined reduction are McFarland Hall (9.1 percent and 1.3 percent electricity and water reduction, respectively) and Dennison Hall (7.0 and 3.4 percent electricity and water reduction).

• 20 of 35 residence halls reduced electricity (0.2 percent to 9.1 percent). Top residence hall for reduction in electricity: McFarland with 9.1 percent (1,343 KWh);

• 13 of 35 residence halls reduced water consumption (0.5 percent to 7.8 percent). Top residence hall for reduction of water: Hahne with 7.8 percent (13,585 gallons).

Other residence halls showed little improvement, and some had overall increases in both electricity and water consumption during the contest period.

"Usage trends in a residence hall are complicated and depend on factors other than students behaviors," according to David Prytherch, sustainability coordinator and associate professor of geography, "but the results show we still have work to do in promoting sustainability in our halls."

From Contest to Culture

Campus Conservation Nationals are part of a wider Go Green @ Miami effort. The Miami community is still competing in the national RecycleMania competition, which ends March 31. As of week five (latest results available from Miami is in 81st place, out of 320, with 9.91 cumulative pounds recycled per person.

To help move beyond the contests and turn actions into habits, students are encouraged to check out the remaining Go Green @ Miami Playbook events, highlighting “Actions of the Week” that students and others can take toward creating a culture of sustainability on campus.

Learn more and see photos and videos of previous Go Green events at the Sustainability at Miami Facebook site.

Five Go Green @ Miami Playbook events remain: 5-7 p.m. Tuesdays through April 17 at various dining centers. Events include electricity vampires (March 27); alternative transportation/smoothie bike (April 3); sustainability video contest winners (April 10) and Earthfest (April 17) – deposit your Go Green Playbook (filled out with name and email address) in collection cans at each dining center; during EarthFest, April 21, two winners will be drawn for a $50 prize.

Eight residence halls reduced both electricity and water during Campus Conservation Nationals

Eight residence halls reduced both electricity and water consumption during the three-week Campus Conservation Nationals contest.
(Results shown as combined percent reduction, and electricity and water reduction, respectively)

Richard: 11 percent (5.1 and 5.9)
McFarland: 10.4 percent (9.1 and 1.3)
Dennison: 10.4 percent (7.0 and 3.4)
Hamilton: 9.4 percent (8.2 and 1.2)
Wells: 8.1 percent (3.7 and 4.4)
Hepburn: 5.3 percent (0.5 and 4.8)
Dodds: 3.9 percent (1.9 and 2.0)
Bishop: 3.3 percent (1.6 and 1.7)


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