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New domain name encouraged for employee email use


Among efforts to strengthen recognition of Miami University through consistent visual representation, is a new, more identifiable domain name, The domain name applies to Miami's Web and email addresses.

Beginning Aug. 1, faculty and staff at Miami are strongly encouraged to adopt the new domain name in their email addresses. The university is transitioning the URLs of websites to incorporate the new domain.

President David Hodge alerted the community to the new domain and logo standards in a July 12 letter.

A alias has been created for each staff and faculty member (as well as addresses for any existing aliases). To have your email sent from the new address you need to set it as your preferred address. For instructions on how to set a preferred email address see

Once you have made that change, the address will be your new outgoing email address. You will continue to receive messages sent to any of the alias addresses you use, including

People with entity accounts (accounts belonging to a department or group) can request help adding the domain to the entity account by contacting the IT help desk at 513-529-7900 or

One identified issue with the change involves shared calendars for Macs using either iCal or Outlook for Mac. This can be corrected in either program by un-sharing and then re-sharing a calendar. Please visit for more information.

Faculty and staff email is still provided by the Miami-hosted Exchange service. Miami's listservs are all changed to accept new domain names. If you are subscribed to listservs off campus with your address, you should still receive listserv email accurately (using the alias) but the listserv may not recognize a new message sent by you unless you change your address with the listserv account.

A separate project to move faculty and staff email to Google is still in its planning stages, and employees will hear more about that as information is confirmed.

Students are able to receive mail from either or, but they cannot currently send using the new domain. That availability for students and alumni is not yet ready as the process through Google email is still being refined.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues making this change to your email, please contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 or

A Frequently Asked Questions list on the domain name is online, You can find information on the university’s web redesign project on the UCM blog,

Miami logo use

The university communications and marketing (UCM) department also recently unveiled a beveled “M” logo to replace the lantern logo.
UCM is developing a comprehensive standards manual this summer to guide usage in combination with campus divisions and departments.
Some specifications and samples are online at and more are being developed. More details on the logo change are here:


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