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Miami's Scripps Center finds elderly care program would benefit from change


Miami University's Scripps Gerontology Center says Ohio's Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) would benefit from change. The Ohio General Assembly asked Scripps to evaluate the program and decide whether it should be expanded. The evaluation also assessed what modifications would benefit the program.

The PACE program, which provides individuals suffering from severe disability with a comprehensive package of acute and long-term services, is funded by both Medicare and Medicaid. PACE has two sites in the state, one in Cincinnati and another in Cleveland.

Despite differences between the two program sites, the report found PACE program expenditures were similar to the per member total costs paid by Medicaid and Medicare for PASSPORT, a state Medicaid waiver program that provides in-home services to delay or prevent nursing home placement. State Medicaid costs alone were higher for the PACE participants.

“One of the biggest policy issues in the state is how to better manage and integrate acute and long-term care for older people with severe disability,” said Bob Applebaum, director of the Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project at Scripps.

The report makes several recommendations for change including a cost-sharing relationship between Medicare and the state-funded Medicaid program.

“If the state is expected to spend more with Medicaid and save Medicare costs, the federal government should share those cost benefits with the state,” Applebaum said.

The full report is available online prior to publication.

In addition to Bob Applebaum, researchers on this project include: Shahla Mehdizadeh, director of research for the Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project (OLTCRP); Suzanne Kunkel, director of the Scripps Center; and Patricia Faust, Scripps research associate.


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