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A Miami Moment with ... Kelton Kosik


Kelton Kosik
Kelton Kosik
Ohio native and Miami alumnus Kelton Kosik ('09) couldn't be happier with his decision to return to Oxford and share his passion for Miami as the assistant director of communications in the office of enrollment management. Kosik takes a Miami moment to remember one professor.

Q: As a marketing major and economics minor, who among your professors was most influential during your college years?

A: My economics professor Jim Brock. I had him for two classes, government and business (ECO 385) and economic institutions and the competitive system (ECO 321). I really enjoyed the topic of government interaction with the economy and the effect it has on everyone. We had the best discussions in those classes, and I looked forward to going to Brock’s classes every day.

Q: What was it about those class discussions that sparked your enthusiasm and need for more?

A: The discussions were extremely engaging. There were strong opinions on both sides, and while Dr. Brock never took a side- he would play 'devil's advocate' really encouraging the students to think — and engage. He also was easy to talk to and accessible — always. You knew he cared.

Q: How do you relate your experience as a student to the prospective students you meet now as part of your job?

A:I was just in their shoes. I also was a tour guide during my undergraduate years at the university. I have a great understanding of what goes in to the college decision-making process. I know what I wanted from a university, and Miami gave it all to me. I am confident Miami can give it all to someone else.

A: What is your favorite Miami moment?

Q: Lifelong friends and the fact that I believe in what we do. I believe in, and I am an example of the impact this university and its professors have on students’ lives. When prospective students look at the opportunities Miami has both inside and outside the classroom, coupled with our reputations as a top university, they —and their parents — see Miami is a great place to be.


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