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Actions taken regarding offensive flier posted in residence hall


UPDATE posted 10-22-2012:

The university has investigated the individual(s) believed to be connected to the incident and is following our on-campus discipline process. Federal student privacy regulations prevent the university from providing further details. Miami began investigating as soon as the flier was reported and intends to hold those responsible fully accountable.

Story posted Oct. 14, 2012:

A flier titled "Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape" was found in a men's restroom in a residence hall the evening of Oct. 8. In addition, there were acts of vandalism found in the same corridor.

Miami’s response:
Miami University finds this act and the message reprehensible. Miami University strives to create an environment and culture that is safe for all community members and is respectful of all individuals. Miami’s mission to develop successful students and model citizens is not reflected in this act, which may be the work of one person. “I was shocked when I saw this flier. This doesn’t belong on this campus or any campus,” said Barbara Jones, vice president for student affairs. “The university takes this incident seriously and we are acting accordingly.”

After learning of the anonymously posted flier, Miami officials called a mandatory meeting of all males in the hall.

In addition, these actions were taken with respect to this incident:

• The flier was immediately taken down and reported to authorities.
• The Miami University police department (MUPD) and Miami’s Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity (OEEO) received a copy of the flier from Miami’s office of residence life
• A police report has been filed and Miami University continues to investigate.
• Miami’s Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution (OESCR) is investigating. The OESCR can take action if a student is found to have violated Miami’s Student Code of Conduct. Potential code of conduct sections violated by the creation and posting of this flier and related damage in the corridor include section 103B – mental abuse or harm; section 104 – damage to property; and 113 – disorderly conduct.

Potential sanctions for a student found responsible for violating these sections include removal from the residence hall, mandatory educational programs and suspension.

• Miami communicated with residence hall staff to gather any relevant or additional information
• Miami’s police chief, with agreement of the dean of students, has increased campus police presence in the hall

Communication with male students in the hall:
Staff who spoke with students at the hall meeting represented the Miami University police department (MUPD), the office of residence life, Miami’s student counseling service and a student representative of MARS – Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault.

They spoke with students in the affected corridor about how the flier represents the residents as men in our society, their families and friends, their views on women, and Miami University. Further, they discussed with all male students in the hall how to stop such behavior, the effects of vandalism, creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for everyone, and the bystander effect of actions on a community. They also provided information on relevant programs and actions.

Ongoing resources:
Miami University’s women’s center, MARS (Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault), and WAVES (Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault) offer programming, information and support. The goal of these resources is to educate, create awareness about and prevent sexual assault and violence. Updated safety and security information is posted on Miami’s Campus Safety and Security website.

The university is continually evaluating strategies and educating students about these issues.


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