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A Miami Moment with ... Janie Hunt


Janie Hunt
Janie Hunt
This time of year, the stories come in more frequently for Janie Hunt in Miami University's office of annual giving as alumni, parents and friends of Miami University call in with their gifts and donations to meet the Dec. 31 deadline.

Q: What kinds of stories do you hear?

A: I receive all kinds of interesting calls from alumni and friends of the university wanting to make a gift or pay their pledges. Many of our older alumni love to tell me about their days at Miami. One person who now lives in Hawaii just kept telling me story after story. He’s been gone from Miami for 40 years, and he says he is constantly running into Miami people in all of his travels.

Q: The team works year-round; what types of programs does this office oversee?

A: Our department supports those who give annually. We oversee direct mail campaigns, payroll deduction, online giving and phone call fundraising (through the TeleHawks program). One of our initiatives is to educate young alumni and current students about the importance of philanthropy through young alumni programming, the Miami University Student Foundation (MUSF) and the Senior Class Gift campaign. It’s so important for them to know how critical it is to pass on their experiences to future generations and how giving back to Miami contributes to those experiences.

Q: Does it matter what size gift donors give?

A: Every gift counts. That’s the most important message we can get across. It doesn’t have to be the million-dollar gift. Our average gift is about $100 but our office alone raises $4 million each year, so those smaller gifts really add up.

Q: I suspect that this is a busy time of year for this office?

A: This is our year-end push. To count as 2012 contributions, all donations must be postmarked by Dec. 31. We have a high volume of activity. This month alone we receive about 40 percent of our annual gifts. Our offices are staffed during the winter break for those last-minute donations.

This is my sixth year at Miami, and the job has changed and grown along with our office. Our job is becoming more and more critical each day, especially with state funding dwindling. Support for student scholarships is a big push for us.

(To support Miami University, give online at To learn about support through payroll deduction, contact the Office of Annual Giving, 529-5229.)


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