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Voice mail syncing tool now available


A new service for syncing voice mail functions is now available.

Associated with the recent changes to the Miami email system (moving to Google), there were also changes to the voice mail system:

  • Voice messages are continuing to arrive to both the phone and email, but deleting the email message will no longer delete the message from the phone.

  • The red message indicator light on your phone is no longer active. The email message is your only notice that voicemail has been received.

  • Any voice mail left in the phone system will automatically be deleted after 30 days from receipt.

A new service will sync functions for those employees wanting to continue managing voice messages via either phone or email with the actions impacting both, and/or employees who wish to have the red message indicator light for new voice mails. This enhancement package costs an additional $2 a month per voice mail account.

This service does not apply to Voice mail Only (VMO) accounts, only those that also receive voice mail messages through email.

To register for this service, please send an email to


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