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Miami's Degree Audit Report enhanced with visual and interactive tools for students and advisers


The Degree Audit Report has the same audit information, but now with a pictorial representation of the degree process.
The Degree Audit Report has the same audit information, but now with a pictorial representation of the degree process.
As part of a multiphase project to enhance the Degree Audit Report (DAR), academic advisers and students will notice enhanced visual and interactive changes to the DAR.
“Students wanted a facelift to the program that Miami University originally developed in 1983,” said Carol Jones, associate registrar for curriculum and student success.

Jones is chair of the technology subcommittee of Miami’s Undergraduate Academic Advising Council working with College Source, which now owns the product, to add new features requested by students. Phase one launches the week of spring break (March 11-15), giving the office of the registrar time to verify and validate the upgrade during a time when students and advisers may not be using the DAR as frequently.

“Although DAR remains one of the most powerful degree audit systems in the market today, Miami’s goal to improve the overall academic advising experience spearheaded this project that first focuses on the DAR interface,” Jones added.

The enhanced features include:
  • Same DAR information but with a pictorial representation of degree progress.
  • Ability to navigate the audit by clicking on color-coded bar graphs, which display course requirements.
  • Requirement areas include
    o Miami Plan or University Honors Plan
    o divisional requirements (if any)
    o major requirements
    o minor requirements (if any)
    o elective courses (courses not used elsewhere)
  • The typeface of the text will change from all caps to sentence structure for reading ease.

It is important to remember the functionality of the DAR is the same but the enhancement of a pictorial representation will help interpret the DAR,” Jones said. “The new graphs and pie charts allow students and advisers to drill down into course requirements and get a clearer picture.”

If students have questions about the audit, they should contact their academic adviser.


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