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Tests require campuswide electric power outage


Testing of the Oxford campus electric utility system will be conducted 7 p.m. - 2 a.m. Tuesday, May 14. In order to minimize disruption to normal campus activity, the tests are planned in conjunction with the scheduled annual steam shutdown Week May 12-18).

Miami continues to refine and verify the process of switch automation of the Oxford campus electric utility system. In the event of an extended loss of power from Duke Energy, the switching system is designed to help restore power to much of the campus utilizing our peaking generators.

All buildings on campus will experience electricity outages except for the following buildings directly fed from Duke Energy: Lewis Place, Old Manse, Simpson-Shade, Lottie Moon, the Stables, Glos Center, Murstein, Advancement Services, and 616 E. Chestnut. Off-campus buildings will not be affected.

Power will be lost and restored a number of times during the testing window, but out no longer than three hours at one time. This will cause loss of lighting, elevators, heating, cooling, refrigeration equipment, card access and some phone and network service, as well as other electrically powered items.

Emergency generators within buildings will be operating, but they only provide power for the building systems they directly support. Because Symmes, Miami Inn and Marcum Conference Center have significant overnight occupancy, we will install temporary total building generators.

All electrical equipment should be turned off prior to and during the test.

Since exterior lighting will be affected by these tests, it is highly recommended that individuals not be on campus during this time unless absolutely necessary.

Also, all computers, printers, fax machines and other electronic devices should be turned off and no critical processes should be scheduled during this time frame.

If needed, an alternate day for the test outage will be 7 p.m.- 2 a.m. Thursday, May 16.


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