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Six Eisenhower grants awarded to Miami


The Ohio Board of Regents has awarded Miami University approximately $500,000 in Dwight D. Eisenhower Professional Development Program funds to support six mathematics and science education projects. Miami had more projects funded than any other Ohio institution.

In all, the OBOR released more than $2.2 million in Eisenhower funds to support 37 mathematics and science education improvement projects linking seventeen colleges and universities and one educational organization with school systems across the state.

Eisenhower program projects are designed to provide sustained, high-quality professional development for teachers to help them provide challenging learning experiences for students. Projects also address the needs of populations that have lacked access to equal educational opportunities in science and mathematics.

Eisenhower projects generally emphasize an inquiry-based, problem-solving approach to teaching and learning science and mathematics. Projects bring teachers in contact with the latest advances in the field, and with fresh ideas for classroom activities.

Proposals funded by Miami faculty include:

    $105,287 for "Blending Reading, Investigations and Discovery into the Goals of Elementary Science (BRIDGES II)," Miami Middletown: Arlyne Sarquis (chemistry);

    $100,000 for "Teaching Science with TOYS--Targeting Ohio III," Miami Middletown: Arlyne Sarquis and Lynn Hogue (both chemistry);

    $99,789 for "Using Native American Stories to Attain Ohio Elementary School Competency-Based Science Standards": Robert G. McWilliams (geology emeritus) and Richard E. Lee, Jr., (zoology);

    $90,653 for "ACTIVE Chemistry: Adding Context + Tech + Inquiry-Very Exciting (ACTIVE II)": Jerry Sarquis and Lynn Hogue (both chemistry);

    $49,801 for "Sustaining & Supporting Standards--Mathematics Reform for NW Local School District": Iris DeLoach Johnson (teacher education) and Jane Keiser Krumpe (mathematics and statistics);

    $49,594 for "Motion, Mums, Mathematics and Meaning: Multidimensional Experiences for Teachers" Miami Hamilton; Anita Roychoudhury, Iris Johnson and James Wile (all teacher education) and Daniel Gladish (botany).


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