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Overnight Disturbance


May 8, 1998
To: Miami University community
From: Dick Nault

RE: Uptown student disturbance

Although not all the details are known as of this morning, a disturbance involving several hundred Miami students occurred about 2:30 a.m. today in uptown Oxford, resulting in the arrest of approximately 20-35 students on charges of vandalism, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. Bottles were thrown at officers and a DuBois Book Store trailer overturned, but no officers were injured. At this time, we have no confirmed reports of students injured in the disturbance. Oxford and Miami police along with officers from several nearby agencies handled the disruption responsibly.

The reaction from other university officials mirrors mine--disappointment, frustration, and anger at the conduct of the Miami students involved and concern about the alcohol use that contributed to this incident.

We are taking several steps to ensure that our students act responsibly in the Oxford community.

  1. We will be reviewing the Oxford police reports on the incidents later today. We will also be viewing police videos of the incident to possibly identify individuals who participated in violence but were not arrested. We will be serving judicial notices today to seniors who were involved in this disruption and underclass students will receive notices shortly.

  2. The possible consequences to students involved in a Code One offense (the most severe category in our code of conduct) could include suspension or dismissal. Throwing rocks at police, destroying property and disruptive behavior resulting from alcohol are Code One offenses.

  3. Miami's graduation this Sunday is a ceremony; it is not the final award of a degree. Judicial action pending against a senior may affect his or her graduation status.

In addition, Miami police officers will patrol the uptown area with Oxford officers tonight and Saturday night. Please help me in talking with students about the serious effects this behavior has on the Miami and Oxford community.

I appreciate your support.


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