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Gerontology Center Hosts Mini-Conference


OXFORD, Ohio - The Scripps Gerontology Center of Miami University is presenting a Mini-Conference on Aging 2:30-5 p.m. Wednesday, April 8 in multipurpose rooms B-C at Shriver Center.

Current research will be shared and Scripps will celebrate its 75th anniversary as a population research foundation and 25th year focusing on gerontology.

The mini-conference schedule is below. Roundtables are in the left column; poster sessions on the right.

2:40 - 3:20

A Study of Home Care and Nursing Home Use Patterns in Ohio -- Bob Applebaum; Shahla Mehdizadeh; Jane Karnes Straker.

Free Radical Theory of Aging: Implications for Exercise and Health -- Helaine Alessio.

What We Didn't Learn Because of Who Wouldn't Talk with Us -- Lisa Groger; Pamela Mayberry; Jane Karnes Straker.

Aging Parents and Adult Children: Dramatic Arguments against Role Reversal -- Judith de Luce.

The Leisure Experience of Older Residents in Oxford Township: A Longitudinal Perspective -- Debra Stanley; Erin Gartley.

Individual Long-Term Care Planning: A Decision Model -- Kathy McGrew.

3:30 - 4:10

What Students Need to Know about Work, Pensions, and Retirement -- Robert Atchley.

Intergenerational Learning: Classroom and Beyond -- Joan Fopma-Loy; Pat Baugher.

The Sounds of Sweat: The Effects of Exercise on Hearing and Health -- Kathleen Hutchinson; Helaine Alessio.

Independent Choices: Enhancing Consumer Direction for Older People with Disabilities -- Suzanne Kunkel; Pamela Mayberry; Marisa Scala.

New Sentencing Policies: The Graying of Prison Inmates -- Sherry Corbett.

Images of Older Adults in the Print Media -- Val Freysinger.

"Taking Charge": A Process Model for Developing Consumer-Oriented Long- Term Care Training Materials -- Marisa Scala.

4:20 - 5:00

Linking Acute and Community-Based Long-Term Care: What Works and What Doesn't -- Jane Karnes Straker; Bob Applebaum.

Successful Aging: Developing A Measurement Instrument -- Aimin Wang.

Economic Correlates of Depression Among the Oldest Old: Evidence from the AHEAD Database -- Maureen Lage; Mike Treglia; Timothy Hylan.

"Promise Me You'll Never...": Ethical Issues in "Placing" Older Persons -- Terry Perlin.

How Labor Market Behaviors Affect the Ability to Amass Enough Financial Assets to Have a Reasonable Retirement Income -- Rebecca Luzadis; Shahla Mehdizadeh.

Age Differences in Stepping Performance During Obstacle Clearance -- Bill Berg; Eileen Blasi.

Age Impaired Learning: Neurological Correlates in Animals -- Matthew Seager; Stephen Berry.

Age Impaired Learning: A Cholinergic Animal Model -- Yukiko Asaka; Matthew Seager; Stephen Berry.

Research abstracts will be available at the conference. The event is free and open to the public.


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