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Miami Tops Itself and Others in Recycling


OXFORD, Ohio -- Miami University ranks first in a recent

comparison of Ohio public universities' recycling efforts.

Not only did Miami recycle more tons of trash than all other Ohio public

universities, but its rate of removal, 46 percent, and its per person total

were highest in the state, according to the Ohio Department of Natural


Miami's current recycle rate is even better than the 1995-96 numbers used

for the survey. For fiscal 1996-97, workers at Miami's Material Recovery

Facility (MRF-say "murf") removed 1,533 tons, more than 55 percent, of

trash from its waste stream.

1996-97 Tons


Mixed Paper - 338.3

Glass - 68.7

Aluminum Cans - 9.9

Plastic - 10.1

Cardboard - 584

Motor Oil - 4.3

Fluoresc. Lights-5.2

Appliances - 6.3

Tires - 4.3

Yard Waste - 420

Steel/Iron - 32.7

Wood Pallets - 13.7

"We're lucky we had the space to make a MRF," says Jim Buckley, recycling

coordinator. "We started with used equipment, we didn't have to lease land,

and we don't have to tow the trash like other schools might have to do."

Miami recycled 30 percent more mixed paper than last year. In addition to

other items like glass, plastic and aluminum cans, Miami added new items to its

list of recyclables: fluorescent lights, wood pallets, appliances and items

sent to Goodwill Inc.

The university has received a matching state grant to purchase a glass

crusher that would pulverize mixed glass and ceramics into sand that can be

used by grounds crews on campus.

Buckley cites campuswide support, starting with the president, for the

success of Miami's recycle program.


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