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College students' message for high schoolers


Miami University students will be among the expected 185,000 Ohio college students who will give a clear and concise message to the state’s high schoolers: You can have a great time in college without alcohol.

The Ohio College Initiative to Reduce High Risk Drinking has crafted a statement that will be circulated among its 41 members’ campuses until Nov. 15 to get as many signatures as possible as part of a campaign to change misperceptions about alcohol use/abuse by university students.

The plan is to create a unified message from more than half of current Ohio college students. The message will then become a part of a statewide media campaign including public service announcements, brochures and advertisements in publications targeting college bound juniors and seniors.

Miami students who serve as alcohol and other drug peer educators will participate by gathering thousands of signatures from students who agree with the following statement:


Ohio College Student Statement

The Ohio College Initiative to Reduce High Risk Drinking (41 campuses) is developing a statement about college life -- specifically having fun without abusing alcohol -- to help high school students learn what campus life really is like.

Please add your signature* if you agree with the following:

As an Ohio college student you can expect:

    • To go to class, study and anticipate academic success

    • Great times without alcohol

    • The right to live in a clean, safe and healthy environment

    • To fit into social situations if choosing not to drink

    • That healthy, smart choices lead to happy mornings

*Signatures and/or names may be used in materials developed to disseminate the Statewide Student Message.


Students can also "sign" an electronic version of the statement at the Oxford Coalition for a Healthy Community Web site.

For more information, contact Amy Roepken, a peer educator, or Karen Murray, director of health education at Miami, (513) 529-3438.


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