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David Marshall named Miami's Effective Educator


David Marshall, assistant professor of finance at Miami University, is this year’s Effective Educator, selected by alumni from the class of 1998. He received the Alumni Association award during halftime at the Homecoming game Saturday, Oct. 12.

Marshall teaches investments and real estate classes in Miami’s Richard T. Farmer School of Business, where he has been a faculty member since 1986. One never knows what David Marshall’s going to bring to class, but here’s fair warning: Watch out for that flying rubber chicken so you have time to duck.

Marshall enjoys using his well-honed humor to keep his students focused, whether they’re dissecting a house in his real estate class or analyzing tech stocks for investment class. His humor is only one of several reasons alumni voted Marshall an Effective Educator.

“I don’t have a book. I tell them that rather than know 26 chapters half-heartedly, because there’s no way you could really learn the material in 26 chapters, I’m going to cover the important stuff, but I expect you to know it really well. So I hold them to a really high standard. Grade inflation, for instance, is not a factor in my class. There are tough grades, and I quiz them unannounced.”

In fact, Nicole Reed ’98 nominated Marshall for Effective Educator despite the grades she received in his investments and real estate classes.

“I can truly say he is an excellent professor, and I learned a great deal from Dr. Marshall. His interactive approach of teaching allowed everyone to participate.”

“Rule No. 1, don’t round. Never, never round,” Marshall teaches while reviewing the day’s homework on compound interest. “I want you to be able to challenge the bank.” Some students are scribbling in their notebooks to correct numbers that aren’t adding up to his. One young man has two calculators, one on either side of his paper.

Throughout the review, Marshall strolls from one side of the room to the other and back, his voice getting louder then softer, his hands gesturing to emphasize a point. No wonder he wears gym shoes, white to go with his black pants and short-sleeved shirt. When the weather cools down, he’ll start wearing his colorful cartoon-character ties.

Reed’s introduction to Marshall was at freshman orientation where for several years he has explained the business school to parents and incoming students. He loves speaking at orientation almost as much as he delights in teaching.

“I enjoy it when students tell me that mine is a very hard class, but you’ll learn a heck of a lot. That’s the best mood a teacher could strike - to teach them a lot and be hard and still have people want to take it.”

Marshall earned a bachelor’s degree at John Carroll University, an MBA at Miami and a doctorate at the University of Illinois.


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