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Election 2004 Expertise


These Miami University faculty are available to answer your questions on the presidential election. All have media experience (phone #s are area code 513):

Ryan Barilleaux,(pronounced Bair-eo) professor and chair of political science, specialist in presidential power and politics. Author of several books on the presidency, including Power and Prudence: The Presidency of George H.W. Bush, The Post-Modern Presidency, and The President as World Leader. Follows congressional elections. 529-2005/2000(w) or 868-3175(h) or barillrj@muohio.edu

Clyde Brown, professor of political science, specialist on political interest group involvement in the electoral process, individual level political participation and congressional elections. Former campaign manager and congressional assistant. 529-2014 or cbrown@muohio.edu

Andrew Cayton, Distinguished Professor of History, can speak on early presidents, Ohio History, war and politics, the origins of American politics and the regional dimension of American politics. He is co-author of The Dominion of War: Empire and Liberty in North America (Viking, 2005) and author of Ohio: The History of a People (2002) 529-5542(w), 523-2071(h) or caytonar@muohio.edu

Robert Friedenberg, professor of communication at Miami-Hamilton, specialist in political debate, ads and speeches, communication practices of political consultants. Edited Rhetorical Studies of Political Debates 1960-1992. Author of Notable Speeches in Contemporary Presidential Campaigns and Principles and Practices in Political Campaign Communication. Former manager, speech writer and consultant for 70+ campaigns. 785-3221(w), 521-1197(h) or friederv@muohio.edu

Patrick J. Haney, professor of political science, can speak on U.S. national security, the war on terrorism and foreign policy and elections. 529-4321 or haneypj@muohio.edu

Susan Kay, professor of political science. Follows the election process and political parties. Coordinating special class on the election. 529-3997 or kaysa@muohio.edu

Christopher Kelley, assistant professor of political science. Researches presidency and presidential power, Internet use in campaigns, the impact of blogs, connection of media and politics. 529-3959 (w) or kelleycs@muohio.edu

Jeffrey Kimball, professor of history, specialist in the Nixon presidency, U.S. foreign policy and presidential history, author of The Vietnam War Files (2004) the award-winning Nixon's Vietnam War. 529-5125(w), 523-3640(h) or kimbaljp@muohio.edu

Doug Shumavon, professor of political science. Has expertise on the national budget, public administration and public policy analysis. Can speak on general political issues, the race itself and congressional elections. 529-2004/2000 or shumavdh@muohio.edu


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