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Editor’s note: Commentary is a section that provides university classified and unclassified staff and faculty members an opportunity to express their opinions in The Miami University Report. Contributions should be directed to Bill Houk (physics).

In defense of junior colleagues
By Don Daiker, professor of English

In "The Coming End of Meritocracy," my good friend Paul Rejai laments that in his 35 years at Miami University faculty professionalism has been replaced by faculty mediocrity.

That’s funny, Paul, because in my 37 years here I have witnessed just the opposite process. At least in the English department, I am convinced that my junior colleagues are, in almost every instance, at least the equal of their elders. Not only are they excellent scholars and exceptional teachers but they are professional in every positive sense of the word: they participate fully in departmental governance, they regularly attend academic conferences, they win prestigious grants and fellowships, they publish books with the best academic presses, and they create and teach courses designed to stimulate learning and growth.

Along with several other senior professors, I would have trouble meeting the promotion and tenure standards now routinely achieved by my younger and admirably professional colleagues.

Date Published: 01/27/2000
Volume: 19   Number: 22


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