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Senate approves university’s values statement

University Senate Monday approved the full minutes of the Oct. 15 meeting and abbreviated minutes of the Nov. 5 meeting. Senate Resolution 02-05, Miami University’s Values Statement, was approved to read as follows:

Senate Resolution 02-05

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED THAT University Senate approves the following Values Statement for Miami University:

Miami University Values Statement

Miami University is a community of students, faculty, staff, and others committed to creating a learning environment that fosters the development of imagination, intellect and character, as well as emotional and physical well-being. As a public educational institution we recognize particular responsibility to nurture democratic ideals of inclusiveness and equality. We are guided in these endeavors by the values listed below.

Respect. We respect the dignity of every person. We embrace difference and diversity as fundamental to enhancing every aspect of our community.

Freedom of inquiry and expression. Innovation, experimentation, and adaptation of acquired knowledge are fundamental to the educational mission of a university. Knowledge is generated in a climate that encourages diverse perspectives and is open to the frank and sincere exchange of ideas. We engage in critical thinking, dialogue, understanding contexts, reflection, and action. We value the freedom to choose personal beliefs and behaviors and value accountability for making responsible choices.

Integrity. We pursue learning with responsibility and fairness, and we are willing to stand up for our own and others’ rights. Ethical conduct is a high value for every member of our community, both in behaviors we avoid and in those we affirm. We seek to honor the intellectual and property rights of other people and adhere to high standards of honesty.

Justice. While we value freedom of expression, we believe that learning depends on constructive conflict of ideas that rejects all forms of bigotry and injustice. An environment that allows for hate and violence is not conducive to education. A learning environment requires responsible and ethical behavior from each person in our community.

Community is realized in work that is collaborative and cooperative. It is manifested in teamwork, mentoring, and caring, constructive interactions. It is also expressed in the relationships of Miami University community members outside the University in employment and service.

Twenty-five members of Faculty Assembly can challenge the resolutions by filing a petition with the secretary of the university within 10 class days after their publication in this issue of The Miami Report. Absent a challenge by Faculty Assembly, these policies will be forwarded to the president and the board of trustees for consideration.

In other business, President James C. Garland discussed his reasons for not supporting Senate Resolution 01-04 (this resolution appears in the Oct. 4 issue of The Report) which would significantly change the current University Withdrawal Policy. In the recent referendum by Faculty Assembly to repeal this resolution, the result fell short of a quorum (192) by only seven votes, but the vote to repeal was overwhelmingly supported by a majority of the faculty who voted (the vote to repeal was 185 yes, 87 no).

Garland expressed concern that this new policy does not hold students responsible for their actions and does not support his goal of raising the intellectual standards of Miami University. He recommended Senate reconsider this resolution in light of these concerns and offered to delay representing Senate’s resolution to the board of trustees.

The president also gave a detailed report on the 2002-2003 university budget and how the recent state funding cuts will be addressed.

Date Published: 11/08/2001
Volume: 21   Number: 15


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