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Changes in weather policy provide flexibility for classified staff

Concerns expressed last winter by CPAC (classified personnel advisory committee) about the university’s pay policy during adverse weather have resulted in changes this year.

The new policy, outlined in a recent memo, covers pay guidelines when classes are canceled (Plan A) as well as in the more unlikely event that a campus is actually closed (Plan B).

"CPAC members argued that Miami’s past policy created difficulties for employees who because of family circumstances or long commutes on snowy or icy roads stayed home and then found it difficult to make up the hours, " said Richard Norman, vice president for finance and business services.

"We listened to CPAC’s concerns, reviewed our former policy and came up with an equitable solution that provides more flexibility for individual employees," Norman said.

Under the new policy if classes are canceled on an individual campus all staff will still be expected to report to work, but classified personnel who are tardy because of road conditions or who leave early or don’t come in at all will have more options regarding restoring their pay.

Such staff can, as in the past, still use available vacation, compensatory or personal time or take the time without pay.

Under the new policy, employees have the following two pay periods as well as the current pay period for make up and the hours are counted as overtime equivalent. For example, if an eight hour day was lost, the classified staff member could use the next two pay periods to work 5.34 hours. If three hours were lost, the overtime equivalent would be 2 hours.

Under the old policy, there was no overtime equivalent option and hours could be only made up during the current pay period and only with a supervisor’s permission.

Unclassified staff who are unable to report to work in a Plan A situation must use vacation time for a half-day or more.

In the unlikely event that a campus is closed (Plan B), weather emergency staff should report to work. All classified staff so designated will receive double time for all hours worked. Previously, classified staff designated as weather emergency employees were only entitled to only time and a half.

Unclassified staff and classified staff not designated as weather emergency staff will receive their regular pay.

However, Plan B (closing a campus) is a rare occurrence. The last time the Oxford campus was closed was in the mid-80s, while the Hamilton and Middle-town campuses closed once last winter.

Plan A (canceling classes) occurs more frequently, but is still not common. An ice storm last canceled classes on the Oxford campus Jan. 13, 1999, when classes meeting at 5 p.m. or later were called off.

Date Published: 12/04/2003
Volume: 23   Number: 17


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