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Miami to change domain name to

Miami will be introducing a new domain name in 2007, using “” to supplant the current name, “,” which eventually will be retired.

Officials say the change is being made to standardize the university's identity over the Internet and is being announced well in advance to ensure an orderly transition.

“The current plan calls for us to launch in February 2007 and maintain both names into 2008, so that any Internet traffic intended for can be automatically redirected to during the transition period,” explained Richard Little, senior director of university communication.

The change will eventually affect all Miami e-mail addresses and Miami-related links on the Web, “although fortunately with today's technology we can automate much of the process. Given the flexibility of today's technology and the fact that we were able to begin planning for this change almost three years ahead, I do not expect the transition to involve significant costs or impact on most individuals,” said Little.

“It will impact information technology services staff, who will be carrying out the large bulk of the staff work to ensure a smooth transition, and we will want to provide extra help during the changeover to faculty with external research contacts.”

Miami officials have spoken with staff at some other universities that have undergone the change, in order to plan for the transition. The University of Virginia, Northwestern, Case Western Reserve, the University of Nebraska, Oregon State and others have made a similar change to correct an awkward or ineffective domain name.

“Unfortunately, many domain names were selected back in the early days of the Internet, chosen when the Web was used chiefly by researchers and technology staff. Today, the Web is absolutely vital to helping us recruit top new faculty and students, especially in reaching those potential students and faculty who do not know Miami well,” said Little. “For those unfamiliar with Miami, finding us on the Internet is not easy since “muohio” is not an intuitive name. We do not use this term in any other venue, and continuing with the old name puts us at a disadvantage.”

Staff and faculty are asked to keep the domain name change schedule in mind when ordering letterhead, business cards or other materials for use after February 2007. Current government rules would require Miami to eventually retire the use of the domain, Little said.

Date Published: 10/13/2005
Volume: 25   Number: 11


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