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Change in university envelopes required

University mail services has learned that U.S. Postal Service requirements for first-class business mail have changed, and that many of Miami’s current #10 envelopes (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches) are no longer in compliance. A new envelope design has been created and is available for ordering through the office of purchasing.

Because automated mail readers now scan a larger area of an envelope, those readers sometimes pick up the Oxford ZIP code in the return address before they read the actual addressee ZIP code. The result is that some mail is being misdirected to the Oxford Post Office. Those letters eventually get routed to the correct address, but only after a significant delay.

Mail services is asking all departments to closely examine their #10 envelopes. If the return address prints more than 1 1/4 inches from the top, the envelope is not in compliance, and offices are encouraged to replace them immediately with the new version.

These postal requirements mean that departments will be limited in the number of lines available for the return address; however, the length of line available is now longer than the previous design. The required changes allow for one office, center or department name, which may run no more than two lines; one line for street address or building name and room number; and one line for city, state and ZIP. The office of purchasing will guide people when they place their orders.
The current problems in mail delivery affect only #10 business envelopes; larger first-class envelopes, bulk mail, postcards, etc., do not need immediate replacement.

Contact university mail services with any questions at 9-9286.

Date Published: 10/27/2005
Volume: 25   Number: 13


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