Five things you should know about art, dementia and aging
There are many kinds of dementias. Elizabeth 'Like' Lokon, founder and director of Opening Minds through Art (OMA) – an award-winning, evidence-based art program for people with neurocognitive disorders – uses dementia in plural form to convey the fact that it has many types.
Mack Hagood examines our fight to control noise with sound
The noise is positive for "Hush: Media and Sonic Self-Control," a new book by Miami University's Mack Hagood.
Miami listed among the best in new "Fiske Guide to Colleges"
Miami University's academic, research and personal growth opportunities make it among the nation’s best, according to the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2020.
STEAM-powered and DIY: Mixing art, neurobiology and renovations in Pearson Hall
Like in the 1966 science fiction film “Fantastic Voyage,” passersby can view a larger-than-life painting of the inner world of neurons. You can visualize, on a giant scale, the central nervous system of the Jonah crab, to be more exact.
Award-winning collaboration “HumanitiesWorks” uses data to disprove public perception
Major at your own risk. That’s often the public perception of students who choose to study philosophy over finance or English over engineering.
Strategic plan supports investment, innovation and more
Miami University trustees at their June 28 meeting set Miami on an energetic five-year course by approving a strategic plan that addresses rapid changes in education, society and employment.
Rita Dove and Wil Haygood to receive literary honors
Rita Dove and Wil Haygood, two Miami University alumni, are being recognized for their literary accomplishments.
Beyond sunburn: implications of ozone, UV radiation and climate for a sustainable future
Ozone depletion in the stratosphere continues to affect not only ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels at the Earth’s surface but also climate across the southern hemisphere, an international study reports.
Bob De Schutter's digital game wins gold medal at international competition
Bob De Schutter's digital game, Brukel, won a gold medal at the International Serious Play Awards 2019 in Los Angeles. It was recognized in the category, games for good, designed for use in educational settings.