Meeting Minutes
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The Academic Policy Committee and the Regional Ad Hoc Faculty Committee have been charged with studying the proposal.

Academic Policy Committee

This standing committee of University Senate includes the following members:

Maria Cronley, Chair
Professor, Marketing

Nazan Uludag Bautista
Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Diane Delisio
Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Technology

James Kelly (Regionals)
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Brenda Mitchell
Associate Professor, Music

Marianne Cotugno (Regionals)
Associate Professor, English

Valerie Robinson
Director of Diversity Enhancement, Graduate School

Raymond Gorman (Ex-Officio)
Associate Provost

Betsy Burch, Nicholas Miller
Undergraduate Students

Sarah Senff
Graduate Student

Regional Ad Hoc Faculty Committee

Created to study the proposal, this committee includes the following members:

Rob Schorman, Chair
Regional Dean of Academic Affairs

Tammy Allen*
Senior Instructor, Spanish and Portuguese

Dave Berg*
Professor, Zoology

Janet Hurn*
Senior Instructor, Physics

Cathy Bishop-Clark**
Chair and Professor, Computer and Information Technology

Garry Bowyer**
Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Health

Ted Light**
Chair and Associate Professor, Business Technology

* Tenured faculty member elected to the committee
** Appointed by Provost Bobby Gempesaw and Dean G. Michael Pratt