Moira Casey

Dr. Moira Casey is the Regional Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Casey just celebrated 15 years of service to Miami. While serving as associate dean, she’s played key roles in the development of the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science (CLAAS). Casey has also managed to uphold her research agenda and co-authored an article in the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Associate with a colleague at the Indiana University Kokomo in the Fall of 2018. 

Dr. Casey's educational journey started at The College of New Jersey, where she graduated magna cum laude with a double major in English and education in 1994. She then obtained her master’s and Ph.D. in English from the University of Connecticut. 

As Dr. Casey explains, the students and the community are what she loves most about the Regionals: “I love that the Regionals are relatively small. It’s easy to get to know people and to feel like we work in a small, family-like community. At the same time, we have the resources and name recognition of the larger Miami University. I also think our students are fantastic -- they bring real-life experience to the classroom and that makes teaching classes here both interesting and challenging.” 

As a Hamiltonian, Dr. Casey has been participating in the Plan Hamilton efforts. She is also a trained hospital advocate for Women Helping Women, which is an organization that helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Dr. Casey is currently expecting her first child, a girl. She also has three cats and a horse, Sophie, who provides riding lessons for children at Follow Me Farm outside of Oxford, OH.

Moira Casey

Regional Associate Dean for Academic Affairs