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What Can I Do with a Major in Applied Social Research?

A BS in Applied Social Science with an Applied Social Research major will prepare students for a range of careers. Applied Social Research majors will gain a broad comparative foundation in the social sciences while learning to design, conduct, interpret, evaluate and present quantitative and qualitative research to public and private sectors.

Top NACE* Employability Skills of focus in this degree program

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Oral and Written Communications
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Information Technology Application
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism and Work Ethic

Local Job Statistics

According to the 2020 Ohio Job Outlook Employment Projections, there are significant growth projections in many public and private sectors that rely on applied social research analyses including Individual and Family Services (54 percent projected growth), Social Services (40 percent projected growth), Healthcare and Support (55 percent projected growth), Market Research (41 percent projected growth), and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 29 percent growth through 2024 for skills related to Geographic and Information Sciences.

  • Graduates with this degree are qualified for careers such as:
  • Economic and Social Data Consultant
  • Evaluation and Assessment Specialist (businesses, financial institutions, city/state offices, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, marketing/survey research firms)
  • GIS Analysts and Technicians
  • Public and Private Sector employment needs for research specialties
  • Graduate Degree pursuit in related areas