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Are you on track to register? 

If you are a incoming new student and have completed your Orientation Advising appointment, you should skip straight to step #3 of this process.

If you are a returning former student*, don't forget to re-enroll first! Learn more about re-enrollment.

If you are a student on academic probation, you must meet with a professional academic advisor before you can schedule your classes.  Please make an advising appointment

STEP 1: Ready...

Meet with your advisor to review your audit, confirm your degree plans and get course recommendations for next semester: 

  1. Confirm your faculty advisor (see instructions to the left)
  2. Make an advising appointment
  3. Prepare for your remote advising appointment

Run and review your degree audit before meeting with your advisor: 

  1. Log into myMiami and access BannerWeb.

  2. Go to One Stop for more information.

STEP 2: Get Set...

Your Time Ticket is a window of registration time in which you are able to add courses to your schedule. Time Tickets are designated by completed hours; juniors and seniors have earlier Time Tickets than sophomores or freshmen. To find your Time Ticket, follow these instructions: 

  1. Log in to myMiami and access BannerWeb.

  2. Click Student Services & Financial Aid.

  3. Click Registration.

  4. Click Check your Registration Status and Your Registration Dates & Times.

If you note any holds, contact the One Stop for information on how to clear them.

STEP 3: Go!

Once you have identified which classes you need to complete your degree and Miami Plan requirements, you need to build your schedule. 

Schedule your classes according to your degree audit, advisor recommendation and time ticket: 

  1. Access BannerWeb.

  2. Click the Student Services & Financial Aid tab.

  3. Click Registration.

  4. Click Look-up Classes to Add.

  5. Select the semester for which you want to search.

  6. Click Submit to start searching and registering!

You likely have classes you need for your degree that you will search for by Subject. Search for these first, because there may only be one or two sections offered. After you've scheduled specific classes, you may complete your schedule with Miami Plan Foundation courses or electives. To search for courses that meet a Miami Plan Foundation, select everything in the Subject field, select the Campus (use the CTRL key to select more than one), and then use the Attribute Type field to find courses that meet specific Miami Plan Foundation areas, or online/hybrid courses. Also, you can search by day of week/time of day, to find courses that fit your schedule.  

Need Registration Help? Call us 513-727-3440 or email to be invited to our Zoom Registration Help Room, available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Note that this is not for Advising! Please make an Advising Appointment if you are looking for an in-depth conversation (review degree requirements, make a spring course plan, etc). 


Need More Information about Registration?

Find more information about registration at the One Stop.

Read through these Registration Tips to help you register for classes effectively

*If you have previously completed coursework as a degree-seeking student at any of the three Miami campuses, you are a returning former student. You should complete the reenrollment form before registering for courses.

If you never enrolled in classes but have applied to Miami Regionals before, contact Regional Admission in Hamilton or Middletown to complete an application.

Know Your Time Ticket

Time tickets for 

Fall 2021 

will be available in 



Spring 2021 course delivery methods

STAY ON TRACK! Take 30 credits a year, register early, ask your advisor, choose your major, and keep up your grades.