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BIS by the numbers...

  • 91 percent of CPSAS grads rated their experience as good or excellent

    91% of CPSAS bachelor's degree grads rated their Miami Experience as "Good" or "Excellent."

  • 95 percent of 2013-2014 degree recipients are currently employed or enrolled in school

    95% of 2013-2014 BIS bachelor's degree recipients are currently employed and/or enrolled in school.

  • 53 percent of 2013-2014 graduates are employed full-time
    53% of 2013-2014 BIS bachelor's degree recipients are employed full-time in their field of study.

Integrative Studies in the News

  • Assistant Professor, Jeff Kuznekoff

    New Research by Dr. Kuznekoff

    Dr. Jeff Kuznekoff (BIS faculty member) has a new research article published in Communication Education. In the article, Mobile Phones in the Classroom: Examining the Effects of Texting, Twitter, and Message Content on Student Learning, Dr. Kuznekoff examines how mobile phone usage during class lecture can impact student learning. in the study, participants in eight experimental groups and a control group watched a video lecture, took notes, and completed tests of student learning. The control and relevant message groups earned a 10–17% higher letter grade, scored 70% higher on recalling information, and scored 50% higher on note-taking than students who composed tweets or responded to irrelevant messages. Sending/receiving messages unrelated to class content negatively impacted learning and note-taking, while related messages did not appear to have a significant negative impact. Dr. Kuznekoff's article can be accessed at the Communication Education website, he has also been interviewed for Teachers Podcast UK.

  • book cover of Transgender Communication Studies

    Dr. Spencer's new book has been released

    BIS faculty member Dr. Leland Spencer's co-book, Transgender Communication Studies, was released in February 2015. According to the abstract: Communication scholars have played an instrumental role in this field theorizing about the nature of identities in relation to media, interpersonal, organizational, intercultural and rhetorical practices and exploring the political conditions these practices create for persons across the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations. Each chapter of Transgender Communication Studies: Histories, Trends, and Trajectories addresses previous communication scholarship on transgender lives, makes an original argument or contribution to the field, and concludes with directions for future research in that area. This book provides a broad foundation that documents the evolution of transgender communication studies and challenges fundamental assumptions about the relationship between communication and identity.